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Dental Handpieces Plus Repair, Attachments, Lubricants

Dental Handpieces Plus Repair, Attachments, Lubricants

Henry Schein supplies dental handpieces, attachments, and small dental lab equipment to customers at the best possible value.

At Henry Schein Dental, we have the most complete offering of premium products from leading manufacturers including our own Henry Schein Brand. You can Rely on Us to have the products you need, when you need them — in stock and ready to ship the same day! Henry Schein is the largest distributor of dental products to Dental Professionals. If you are a patient or consumer, please contact your local Dental Professional about purchasing any products shown on our website.

Dental Handpieces

ProRepair Dental Handpiece Repair Services

Henry Schein is committed to providing quality repairs for dental handpieces, including dental lab handpiece repair. We strive to provide the best possible service for your small equipment to help you maintain the life of your precision instruments.

High-speed Dental Handpieces for Sale

Our high-speed dental handpieces and attachments include MULTIflex couplers and high-speed handpiece accessories. Ask us about electric powered dental handpieces and the QUATTROcare dental handpiece maintenance system.

Henry Schein also carries the following high-speed dental handpeice systems:

Air driven Dental Handpieces
Solara Dental Handpieces
430 Series Handpieces
Lubricated Series Handpieces
Starflex Handpieces
Star Advantage Handpieces

Additional High-speed Dental Handpiece Information:

  • Henry Schein Master – standard, push-button, miniature, precision-torque units plus our MASTERLIGHT light source systems
  • Midwest – Quiet-air, Tradition and XGT dental handpieces, cleaner and lubricants, plus fiber-optic light sources
  • KaVo – celluar-optic and non-optic dental handpieces, illuminators, lubricants, and accessories
  • StarDental – 430-series, Star Advantage, Starflex, and Star Endurance plus their fiber-optic system
  • BienAir – high-speed dental handpieces and electric motor systems, cleaners, and lubricants

Low-speed Dental Handpieces for Sale

Our low-speed dental handpieces and attachments include the INTRAcompact and the INTRAmatic E system, plus Titan 3 Low-speed Handpiece Systems, including:

Tradition Handpieces
Quiet-Air Handpieces
RDH Hygienist Handpiece
Midwest Sytlist
Electric Handpiece Systems
T-Style Dental Handpiece
Acclean Hygienist Handpieces

Additional Low-speed Dental Handpiece Information:

  • Henry Schein's Maxima – T-style system, Master Torque E-type, Hygeia, Little Guy, and Little Pro Hygienist
  • KaVo – K1 non-optic, Intramatic non-optic and Lux 2 Cellualar-optic, Intraflex Lux 2 air motor system, plus the Electrotorque system
  • Midwest dental handpieces plus a variety of heads, attachments, and motor systems
  • Biotrol PHP series Prophy dental handpieces
  • StarDental Titan dental handpieces plus Titan 3 motors and front ends or Titan 3 angles, swivels, and attachments

Contact Henry Schein Dental

For more information about dental supplies, dental equipment, dental technology, and more, please call Henry Schein Dental toll-free at 1-800-372-4346 or Contact a Henry Schein Dental Sales Consultant.

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