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Dental Tools: Diagnostic & Surgical Instruments

Dental Tools: Diagnostic & Surgical Instruments

Henry Schein supplies dental instruments and dental tools to customers at the best possible value.

At Henry Schein Dental, we have everything from the latest merchandise to business solutions that help your practice succeed. We are focused on Practice Care, so you can focus on Patient Care! Henry Schein is the largest distributor of dental products to Dental Professionals. If you are a patient or consumer, please contact your local Dental Professional about purchasing any products shown on our website.

Henry Schein - Dental Instruments and Dental Tools

Find the largest selection of dental instruments, and dental tools, plus the best values for technology and equipment solutions, all backed by our guarantee of quality, convenience, and overall satisfaction. We provide full assistance to find the dental instruments that dentists need.

  • Diagnostic Instruments: Cotton & Dressing Pliers, Explorers, Expros, Mirrors & Handles, Probes
  • Hygiene Instruments: Curettes & Scalers
  • Operative Instruments: Amalgam Carriers, Amalgam Packers, Amalgam Pluggers, Burnishers, Calcium Hydroxide Placement, Carvers, Cavity Prep, Cement Spatulas, Chisels, Cleoid-Discoid, Composite Placement, Cord Packers, Cosmetic Contouring, Crown & Bridge Removers, Discoid-Cleoid, Endodontic Instruments, Excavators, Hatchets, Margin Trimmers, Plastic Filling, Pluggers, Spatulas
  • Surgical Instruments: Biopsy Punch, Blades, Bone Chisels & Files, Elevators, Extracting Forceps, Hemostats, Implant Instruments, Mallets, Needle Holders, Nippers, Osteotomes, Periodontal Files, Periodontal Knives, Periosteal Elevators, Periotomes, Rongeurs, Root Tip Picks, Scalpels, Scissors, Sinus Lift Instruments, Surgeon’s Blades & Handles, Surgical Curettes, Tissue Forceps & Pliers
  • Miscellaneous Instruments: Calipers, Laboratory Spatulas, Mouth Gags, Mouth Props, Plaster Knives, Retractors, Towel Clamps, Utility & Sterilizing Forceps, Waxing Instruments
  • Instrument Accessories: Color-Coded Rings & Tape, Drawer Organizers, Instrument Care, Instrument Cassettes, Instrument Mats, Instrument Trays & Tubs, Oil Stones, Sharpening & Care

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