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Dental Practice Analysis

Dental Practice Analysis

Uncover opportunities in your practice.

Henry Schein's Dental Practice Analysis compares your Standard of Care to the procedures performed in your practice over the past year to create a benchmark for your practice. This comparison locates opportunities for improvement that can be converted to additional practice production. Following the identification of potential production opportunities, your Henry Schein representative will assist you with setting and prioritizing production goals, and provide business solutions to meet those goals.

  • Your Standard of Care
    Tell us how often your patients should have an exam, a hygiene visit, bite wings, and a major film. The Henry Schein Practice Analysis will calculate how many of your patients were treated in accordance with your standard of care.
  • Potential Production
    Practices often focus on bringing in more new patients, while current patients have oral health needs that are being missed. Capitalizing on existing production opportunities has a significantly lower cost than new patient acquisition.

    On average, practice production increases by $90,000 following a Henry Schein Practice Analysis.
  • Goals
    The Henry Schein Practice Analysis provides the information about opportunities in your practice. You decide where to start and we will provide business solutions to reach each of your goals.
  • Additional Practice Tools
    Included in your Practice Analysis is a comprehensive fee analysis and review of your procedure mix. These tools can be used to determine if you are practicing the procedures you prefer, at fees that are appropriate for your area. Small fee adjustments can help you balance your procedure mix, and improve practice profitability.

Contact your local Henry Schein representative to schedule your Henry Schein Dental Practice Analysis.

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