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Jameson Management

Jameson Management


Result of going with the pros?

A profitable and productive practice where patients are educated about their dental needs, are motivated to do the treatment, and find a way to pay for it.

How Do We Work?

  1. Your first step to a more profitable and productive practice is a Discovery Session with Jameson. You will take an in-depth questionnaire prior to your session with a Jameson Advisor. Your advisor will build a customized plan for you based on where you are at, your goals, budget, and how you and your team work best.
  2. You will begin your consulting experience with either in-office training sessions, virtual coaching sessions, or both. The progress you and your team make will be monitored by a monthly statistical analysis. Your coaching plan can adjust as your needs change.
  3. As a Jameson client, you are not alone. You have at your fingertips a full team of advisors with many years of experience in business management, hygiene, and marketing.

What Are The Benefits?

  1. Do more of the dentistry you want to do. With the skills Jameson teaches, you will get more patients to say yes to the treatment that they need and want. Gain the tools you and your team need to overcome financial objections, make financial arrangements, and navigate the insurance world so that patients can pay for treatment.
  2. Keep your schedule full. You will be taught proven systems that will allow you to retain the patients you have, build the value in your services so patients keep their appointments, fill the doctor's schedule with meaningful production, and increase new patient flow.
  3. Reduce your stress. By keeping your schedule full, improving team communication, and becoming more profitable, you can have a greater work-life balance and a significant reduction in day-to-day stress.