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Total Health

Total Health

Building a Total Health Dental Practice. Transform oral-systemic knowledge into practice.

Today there is no shortage of information on the connection between oral health and systemic health. Still dental teams ask, "How do we use this information to benefit our patients?"

The end result?

Improved patient health and practice profitability.






Building a Total Health Dental Practice

As public awareness of the oral-systemic connection grows, Henry Schein can help dental offices answer the question, “how is my dentist improving my overall health?” Through the Building a Total Health Practice program, Dr. Susan Maples teaches doctors and teams how they can adjust their existing protocols to improve both patient health and practice profitability.

During this 2-day program, Dr. Maples reviews the latest oral-systemic information, how to meaningfully communicate this information to patients to motivate change, and how to position your Total Health practice as a leader in your community. Using a hands-on learning approach, you will practice changes to patient interactions, evaluate obstacles that must be overcome, and develop treatment protocols that are right for your practice. You and your team will leave with the knowledge and skills to implement an action plan specific to the goals of your practice.


Dentists and teams with a commitment to implementing change on behalf of patient health and practice profitability are encouraged to attend this program. Success with Total Health requires a team commitment and dedication to the goal of improving health and wellness.