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Sprig Oral Health Technologies, Inc.

Sprig Oral Health Technologies, Inc.



To promote the health and happiness of our young patients and their parents. Sprig has brought oral-health technology to the forefront of pediatric dentistry by creating the first pediatric Zirconia crown, giving concerned parents a more esthetic and healthier alternative to metal crowns while providing their children with confidence and next-generation care.

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Sprig - EZCrowns

Prefabricated Pediatric Zirconia Crowns

  • Flat-Fit™ design
  • Space-Loss™ shape
  • Zir-Lock® retention
  • Least amount of reduction
  • Less chance of pulp exposure
  • Easier side-by-side seating
  • Use any cement

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Sprig – Flat-Fit

EZCrown contours are modified to require far less occlusal tooth removal. Flattened occlusal anatomy minimizes excursive interferences and with the advantage of needing less reduction, pulpal involvement is far less likely. EZCrown's Flat-Fit contours offer the perfect balance between "ease of fit" and "ideal emergence profile."

Sprig – Space-Loss

We're all familiar with how SSCs sometimes need to be modified. This is easy to do, and we do it every day with our Howe pliers. However, because Zirconia is not crimpable, Space-Loss™ EZCrowns are uniquely pre-squished. Whether used as individual units or in concert with each other, our cuspid, first molar, and second molar Space-Loss™ EZCrowns deliver exactly what you need—a predictable solution for an everyday challenge.

Sprig – Zir-Lock

GI has been used for decades for predictable results in the unpredictable wet and wild pediatric clinical environment. Sprig's EZCrowns with patented Zir-Lock® interior groove technology have the strongest bond to GI of any brand, and without the extra step of a try-in crown. So whether you go for GI, RMGI, or bioceramic, EZCrowns are the perfect compliment to your favorite cement.



To ensure the best patient experience possible, Sprig supports its clinicians through Sprig University, a celebrated continuing education program that teaches proprietary prep and seating techniques to help reduce chair time, alleviate clinical frustrations and grow dental practices.

Sprig University


Workshop 8 CEs

  • A faculty of practicing dentists.
  • 92% of graduates confidently offer EZCrowns for better patient care.
  • Graduates place 9 times more crowns than dentists without formal training.
  • Learn Sprig's patent-pending A.S.A.P. technique and make your life easier.
Sprig University


Up To 12 CEs

  • Up to 12 CEs per yearly subscription
  • Exclusive promotional offerings
  • Faculty of practicing dentists
  • Convenient online education
  • Learning at your own pace
  • Exclusive online library
  • Time-saving mini pearls
  • CEs for your team

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"I've been very pleased with these crowns. The parents love them! What impresses me the most about Sprig's EZCrowns is how dedicated Dr. Hansen and Dr. Fisher are to perfecting this product and helping us docs out in any way they can. Best customer service I've ever had!"

Joe Parker, DDS
Forney, TX

"We have parents who seek out our practice because of the crowns that we place. I've had other pediatric dentists call me and come into the operating room to watch me place their crowns because they've either seen our work or they've heard that we do good work and they want to see what kind of crowns we're using."

David Martinez, DDS
Albuquerque, NM